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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Our bags are made from 100% corn starch-based biopolymer, which is fully biodegradable and compostable at home. We wanted to make a bag that would be as simple as possible, without any unnecessary fragrances or bands – pure ecology. The production process is less energy consuming and more environmentally friendly.After using the bag, it will spread out even in 100 days in the conditions of a home composter or about a few months in a landfill. At the same time, the process of decomposition of the plastic bag can be several hundred years.  It is worth mentioning that the StarchBag will decompose into biomass, water and carbon dioxide, which will provide food for living organisms. On the other hand, the plastic bag will disintegrate into micro-plastics – small plastic particles that are extremely harmful.

    The term biodegradation is understood as the natural decomposition of organic compounds into simple compounds as a result of the work of living organisms. The process of biodegradation is gradual, it is initiated by breaking down the polymer by breaking its chains, which in effect leads to the decomposition of the material into organic matter, which is biomass, which does not threaten the environment in any way.

    Composting is a natural method of neutralisation and waste management, consisting of decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms – aerobic bacteria, nematodes, fungi. It is a process of processing the substance under controlled conditions in the presence of air and at appropriate temperature and humidity.

    StarchBags are made exclusively from corn starch, which is a natural polymer found in the plant world. The biopolymer from which we produce StarchBags is certified with the strict OK Compost HOME certificate, which confirms that the material meets the EN 13432 standard and is composted at home.

    No, StarchBags should be stored in a dry and dark place. Microorganisms and bacteria are needed to start biodegradation in damp air or soil.

    Depending on the temperature, humidity, presence of bacterial flora, the process of biodegradation or composting can range from a few tens of days in the conditions of a home composter up to a few tens of months, freely lying on a landfill. One thing is certain: StarchBags have such an environmental impact as autumn leaves that have fallen from trees. They will surely decompose!

    You can put anything into StarchBags! The best results of biodegradation can be seen when you fill it with organic products such as peelings, fruit and vegetable residues etc. It is worth mentioning that you should not throw too much liquid into the bag. Otherwise, you can see the first signs of biodegradation after just a few days.

    StarchBags are manufactured by us in Poznań, Poland from high-quality, EN 13432 certified corn starch biopolymer. The biopolymer is made by a well-known manufacturer in the European Union.