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worek starchbag biodegradowalny kompostowalny ekologiczny

StarchBag make a step into a world without plastic.

Completely biodegradable, compostable and environmentally friendly StarchBag waste bags. They are made of plant-based biopolymer. StarchBags are durable, yet fully biodegradable. Once in use, they turn into organic compost within a few dozen days.

  • biodegradable
  • compostable
  • durable
  • natural pleasant smell
  • in compliance with EN13432

Learn the difference.

worki na śmieci plastikowe 500 lat rozkładu

Plastic bags

They’re littering the environment. Used once, they decompose for more than 500 years. Only a small percentage is recycled, which cannot be done indefinitely.

mikroplastik worki oksydacyjne wygrywamzplastikiem

Oxidation bags

Often labelled as ecological and nature-friendly. In fact, these are ordinary plastic bags that contain a special additive that makes them disintegrate when exposed to oxygen. After a dozen or so months they turn into a micro-plastic that enters the groundwater and air. The microplastic is eaten by animals and reaches human organisms.

rolki workow biodegradowalnych i kompostowalnych

StarchBag bags

Completely environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and compostable waste bags. They simply disappear after use and the environment forgets about them!

More questions? Check our FAQ.

Who are we?

The products we offer do not end our fight for a better environment. We run an information campaign beat plastic. Through a dedicated website and our profiles on instagramie and facebooku, we share important information about the condition of the environment and provide exciting suggestions for changing everyday habits into more environmentally friendly and ecological ones. Check it out yourself!

Find out more about the StarchBag team and how the production of ecological bags looks like in the About Us section.

Worki na bioodpady StarchBag idealne do domu i firmy

Choose smart.

StarchBags for home

Highest quality ecological waste sacks for individual customers. Completely biodegradable and compostable.

worek starchbag biodegradowalny kompostowalny ekologiczny

StarchBag for business

  • different sizes and colours
  • custom prints
  • individual pricing
  • always 100% ecological

Coming soon…